b-s-aSaunterer is a classic yacht built by Charles Sibbick in 1900, is based in the United Kingdom, and is still in full commission today.

Described in Yachtsman Magazine in 1900 as a “fast cruiser”, she is once again after 114 years based in the Solent.  As well as sailing and racing, Saunterer works by raising awareness for her affiliated associations and causes, while also undergoing ongoing restoration and maintenance under the direction of Guy Savage on the River Dart in Devon.

Saunterer is one of very few Sibbick yachts still in commission, and is in original condition following ongoing maintenance and restoration throughout her long history.  She has her original frames, hull and deck timbers from 1900 and her spars from the 1930s, and in 2010 had her original main hatch and companionway design reinstated.

The 2009 to 2011 Restoration was carried out under the ownership and direction of Guy Cottam and Chloe Savage, who moved her to the Dart in 2009, and who carried out the extensive sympathetic restoration programme – which brought her up to a very high standard while maintaining her authenticity as a unique classic yacht from the beginning of the 20th century.

With reference to Saunterer’s most well known previous owner, Capt LEG Oates of Antarctic fame, Guy and Chloe said in 2011, “We recognise now, after re-building Saunterer for two years, his feelings with his quotation “I am just going outside and may be some time.” She was cruised and raced successfully from 2010 on the English South Coast, including visiting the Solent in June 2011.

Saunterer is now operated and managed by the Saunterer Trust.  She has undergone a further phase of restoration and maintenance in 2013 to 2014, and returned to the Solent on 23 August 2014.  Saunterer’s ongoing work is centred on promoting the maritime heritage of the United Kingdom and supporting her affiliated charities and related organisations through promoting visits to the vessel and by flying their flags at sea.

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